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Up to 3hrs of Eco-friendly cooking using Biogas

300kgs of organic waste is recycled in our 15m3 biogas plant to generate enough gas for cooking everyday meals in the kitchen. The plant is surface mounted, low-maintenance, highly efficient to produce odorless bio-gas. The Pressure Releaser & Rodent Resistance Membrane ensures safety & hygiene around the plant. We are in talks to install 5 more such plants in the near future.

8000+ students can have access to toilets at schools in Gujrat

In collaboration with BAIF Institute, we are working to install 118 twin bio-toilets at 60 schools in Gujrat. So far, the result is a significant reduction in absenteeism and dropouts from schools caused due to inadequate sanitation, and also reducing the risk of infectious diseases. The bio-toilet is attached to bio-digester plants for efficient sewage management. The RCC modular super-structure, PUF doors, and the borewell connection ensure the long-life functioning of the bio-toilets.
Change in progress

25/118 twin bio-toilets completed

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