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About Banka Earth Foundation

Banka Earth Foundation is a non-profit with a vision to start working together right now, to build a safer planet for our future. We wish to improve the lives of everyone through WaSH tech projects that cohesively work towards creating a cleaner, better India. Our Foundation aims to share the ambition of our partners and raise funds to transform communities through better sanitation and water hygiene practices.
Our initiatives aim to co-operate our social responsibilities like water conservation, spread awareness for Sanitation & Hygiene, and empower women; to create opportunities and strive towards a more equitable society. Our teams’ work goes beyond water, sanitation, and hygiene focusing on managing water sustainably to preserve our water ecosystems, their biodiversity, and tackle climate change.
With the COVID-19 pandemic posing an additional impediment, Water Health and providing clean drinking water has become even more imperative as compared to the pre-pandemic era. For us, the provision of providing safe, healthy, and clean drinking water is paramount to protecting human health during infectious disease outbreaks. Hence, now more than ever, we at Banka Earth Foundation are striving to transform the way we manage water resources and deliver water, hygiene, and sanitation services to billions of people. This Global Crisis has to be overcome largely, as it is affecting our country and the world at large – physically, economically, and socially.

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